Miss NavigatorWhenever Miss Navigator sets off exploring worlds and words, it’s actually Simone Heller sitting at a desk in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany: Linguist and cultural scientist because it came closest to graduating in worlds and words. Literary translator and writer in the sff field, lucky enough to be able to make a living from worlds and words.

I love stories.
I love how they show truth and possibilities like nothing else does.
I love how sometimes something grips us and swallows us whole. Sometimes, when we turn the last page or watch the credits, we miss it so much already that we fall into a kind of postpartum depression. We become lovesick and don’t want anything else to replace it, although we know that something will, eventually.

This blog is dedicated to writing and translating, because I want to tell you stories that swallow you whole.

It is also dedicated to the stuff that grips me and doesn’t let go. It’s a love letter to those works; and like a proper love letter, it will be full of praise, deep affection and wide-eyed enthusiasm. Enjoy, but be warned: These scoundrels broke many a heart.

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