In my short fiction, I long to visit strange and uncharted places, to explore how others experience their world. You’ll find links to all my stories here. Most of them are available to read for free online. If you can, please consider subscribing or donating to the wonderful magazines publishing them.

Forever the Forest

Short Story, April 2023

It is known that the Rootless are only ever leaving. Always moving on, never embracing soil long enough for connection. A life tumbled and tossed, and if it touches ours, it is only by chance, and ill chance more often than not.

in: Life Beyond Us
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Keloid Dreams

Short Story, September 2020

They told us we would be heroes.
Sounds like a lie, doesn’t it? Sounds like hitting a dented, cracked shell to see if deep inside a pinpoint of light might flicker on.

in: Future Science Fiction Digest #8
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Reprinted in Forever Magazine 88

When We Were Starless

Novelette, October 2018

When we set out to weave a new world from the old, broken one, we knew we pledged the lives of our clutches and our clutches’ clutches to wandering the wastes.

in: Clarkesworld #145
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Story notes
Winner: Eugie Foster Memorial Award (2019)
Finalist: Hugo Award & Sturgeon Award (2019)
Reprinted in: The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume 4, The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year Volume Thirteen, The Year’s Top Robot and AI Stories: First Annual Collection

How Bees Fly

Novelette, February 2017

This is how you defend yourself against the demons of old, should they cross your path: You grind down their bones with a millstone and burn them; the ash you bury under a Blackwillow tree and salt the whole field where you happened to find them.

in: Clarkesworld #125
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