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Miss NavigatorI grew up on the fringes of the Bohemian Forest, where Wolpertinger roam and people speak a vernacular so strong it’s considered its own language by some. I’ve been lucky enough to make a living from science fiction for most of my life by selling it, translating it, and writing it.

I learned how to tell stories while translating and line-editing wonderful authors, and it was one of them, Ken Scholes, who encouraged me to go and try to write in English. As a reader and a writer, I love to explore the borderlands between fantasy and science fiction, and I’m forever drawn to myth while grounding myself in folktale and everyday culture.

I live in Regensburg, Germany, spending most of my time either sitting at my desk or out in nature. I almost became a biologist (ask me about whales! lizards! newts! solitary bees!) I graduated in linguistics and cultural studies instead, which was equally fascinating, and it somehow covered my interest in EVERYTHING plus languages.

My favorite German word is Sehnsucht: an addictive yearning made of equal parts melancholy and madness, for something that’s never where you are.

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  1. Rick Schroeder

    Thank you for your beautiful and amazing stories!

    That you are able to write of a post-apocalyptic and dystopian world, yet end each work on poignant thoughts of hope, is a deep amd great gift to the rest of us.

    Please write more of Dawning! You’ve brought her into a world as its Hope.

    And I will wish Orion is not truly gone from Explorer Mink’s world. He gave her the stars even he gave her people hope.

    May the Muses give you more of Dawning and Mink and Orion to share!


    Rick Schroeder
    In The Little Red House
    In The Saginaw Wood

    p.s.: May your flying Jackelopes be many and friendly!


    • Simone

      Thank you so much for leaving this kind comment, Rick! I’m glad you enjoyed exploring Mink’s and Salpe’s world – and I don’t think their adventures are fully told yet. I’m planning a third story, further developping the ideas of the first two, and comments like yours are a splendid motivation to keep going.

      May you discover more hope everywhere in the stories you encounter, on and off the page!


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