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Sunday Story Time: From the Point of View of a Cat

Time for some cat content, always a wise choice when time is short and the mind is distracted with other things. Czech writer Karel ńĆapek did not only coin the term ‘robot’ in one of his plays, he also wrote about animals frequently, as in War with the Newts.

In this short piece from 1935 he takes the point of view of a cat, and he seems to be a real cat connoisseur.

I stumbled upon it on tumblr, where you can have a look at it, too.


Small Crush: Six Wakes (Mur Lafferty)


It’s the end of the world and we love it

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  1. Lovely! The mix of arrogance, darkness and odd charm seems very cat-like indeed, and the translation of human characteristics into cat terms is great fun.

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