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Sunday Story Time: The Gaeneviad

The internet is made of clickbait, hate and porn, they say. But it is also made of awesomesauce. Every Sunday, I’ll try to recommend one piece of the later – a comic, a short film or game, a short story, whatever grabs my attention. It won’t always be the hot new stuff that just hit the web. But it will be worth your time, I hope. And I will one day have an archive full of links to small story gems I really love. Win-win.

Let’s start with The Gaeneviad, a sweet little comic created at a 24-hour comic event at the comics festival of Angoulême 2015, featuring the Olympian Gods. It was drawn and written by French artist Boulet in just 24 hours and has 24 pages full of adorable characters and unexpected fun.
Check it out!


I wanna be Roy Batty


Small Crush: Senlin Ascends (Josiah Bancroft)


  1. Colonauts

    Thank you so much for this tip, this might be the best comic piece on the internet! I laughed so hard and smiled so wide…

  2. Thank you for the recommendation! Very erudite and amusing (the whole thing was funny, but I lost it completely at “… to find Pactolus”), and the drawing style is quite charming, too!

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